Membership Benefits

As JOGA was voluntarily established by a group of venture companies, we make it a basic policy for all member companies to share information equally and mutually cooperate regardless of the size of the company.

In accordance with this policy, JOGA members may receive the following forms of support.

  1. Matching support with other member companies.
  2. Provision of information relating to the legal requirements for business activities, company accounting, tax systems and public support policies. Urgent information is shared as needed, and seminars are held once a month.
  3. Construction of cooperative relationships between online game related government offices, public agencies, municipalities and parliamentary groups (composed of diet members from multiple parties), and support for the business activities of member companies.
  4. Support for the overseas expansion of member companies in partnership with public agencies that support overseas expansion and the embassies of various countries.
  5. Business support for game related startup ventures that are less than three years old through a separate, special program.