What is JOGA (Japan Online Game Association)?
JOGA (Japan Online Game Association) was established in 2007 in order to solve issues and problems in online games resulting from underdevelopment. In order to promote the domestic online game industry, JOGA provides members with business activity support relating to online games, formulates and renews online game guidelines, conducts public awareness campaigns relating to online games, implements surveys, research, seminars and symposiums relating to online games, and more.
What is the point of contact for safe and secure guidelines?
The point of contact for safe and secure guidelines exists to receive information from users about compliance in regard to JOGA guideline implementation by game management companies that are members of JOGA. The information received used to help make playing online games safer and more secure.
Inquiries regarding JOGA
We at JOGA respond via e-mail to companies wishing to join us and to mass media inquiries. Please note that we do not respond to other inquiries.